The Ultrasonic Duo

Meet The Ultrasonic Duo


This highly professional duo features acoustic and electric favorites from the 60s till now. Don and Greg play an easy listening mix of rock, reggae, old country, folk, alternative, original tunes, and surf music. Known for their harmonies, the “Ultrasonic Duo” prides themselves on tight and smooth vocals. This is listening music, which is never overpowering or loud. Don D. Harvey adds lead vocals, harmonies, acoustic guitar, and harmonica while Greg Grokowsky plays acoustic, electric and twelve string guitar in addition to adding lead and background vocals. Greg is a master of the surf music genre of the 50s and 60s in the guitar styles of Dick Dale and the Ventures.  The Ultrasonic Duo creates a soundscape that will instantly make you a fan of their music!

Don & Greg taught school together for many years and often talked about music. They attended a Roger McGuinn concert together and realized they both were quite influenced by McGuinn and the Byrds. Greg plays the same style Rickenbacker twelve string guitar that Roger plays….and in fact….. Roger graciously signed Greg’s Rickenbacker in Red Wing, MN at a concert in 2010. Together, Don & Greg’s similar sounding vocals to the Byrds come to life. Come listen to the duo play Mr. Tambourine Man, Turn, Turn, Turn and much more!